Resources for autistic adults

Autism and Health Resources

For our Health Access Project, we have made a number of free tools that can help you communicate your healthcare needs, including pain and mental fatigue.

Leeds Autism Alert Card

Leeds Autism AIM, West Yorkshire Police and other local organisations have coproduced a free autism alert card. The card can be used to help communicate your needs and how being autistic affects you in stressful situations.

Strategy Guides

We have made a series of guides on topics such as employment, communication and health with tips and links to useful resources, all made by our staff team.

Leeds Autism Strategy

Here you can find out more about the autism strategies, what their goals are and how you can get involved.

Autism Health Passport

There is a free Autism Health Passport for Leeds that can help you communicate your needs when accessing local NHS services.

Self-Advocacy and Planning Tools

Our self-advocacy and planning tools can help you speak up about your rights and needs, as well as plan parts of your life.

Autism and Mental Health resources

The Mental Health Equity Project and Leeds Mind have a range of free guides and tools on autism and mental health.

Mental health guide for autistic adults

This guide has information on mental health services in Leeds and on how to apply for GP funding for autism-specific counselling.

Support in Leeds

We have information on a range of services in Leeds that can help you. Find out what they are by clicking below.

Other Resources

We can also produce other personalised resources to help you communicate your needs, including employment profiles.

Resources and guides for professionals

We have a series of resources that professionals working with autistic adults can find useful too. They include guides covering areas like health, mental health and communication. Please click the button below to find them.

Newsletters, posters, flyers and publicity material

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Our newsletter is called Leeds Autism AIM News and they will tell you about what’s going on with us and in the wider autism community.

Posters and Flyers

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