Our principles

  1. To value the different skills and potential of autistic people as individuals and empower them to reach their goals.
  2. To continue to be led by autistic adults in all areas of the development, planning and delivery of our service.
  3. To be proactive in increasing awareness of the needs of autistic adults locally.
  4. To ensure autistic people are involved in local service planning and that their opinions are heard.
  5. To provide equality of access regardless of people’s communication needs, race, culture, religion, sexuality, gender, age or disability.
  6. To empower people with information and support to make their own choices.
  7. To explore innovative approaches and partnership working to ensure we give the most effective service with the resources we have available.
  8. To work with integrity and honesty at all times.

Our aims

  1. To provide information in a range of formats to suit the diverse needs of autistic people: one- to- one mentoring, drop- in hubs, web information and by phone and email.
  2. To help autistic adults who may have very little or no support access the support or services they need.
  3. To provide support for people to develop confidence in their skills and strategies to manage independently to achieve their potential.
  4. To reduce barriers to participation in employment, education or volunteering opportunities.  
  5. To reduce isolation and widen participation in the local community.
  6. To continue building partnership working opportunities and increase the autism awareness of local services.
  7. To explore innovative opportunities to meet the needs identified by autistic adults.
  8. To increase involvement of the autistic community in local service planning.