We have produced a series of strategy guides on a number of useful topics. They include links to resources and tips on areas such as employment, health and communication. The guides were created by autistic members of our staff team. To download each guide, click on the buttons below.

Strategy Guides

Apps and Tools

This guide has links to useful apps and tools that can help with communicating, planning and sensory issues.

Assertiveness Issues and Solutions

This guide is all about being assertive and techniques you could use to help with that.

Barriers to Sleep and Solutions

This guide is useful if you have difficulties with sleeping and would like to learn how to overcome them.

Communication – Small Talk

This looks at how to handle small talk and some of the difficulties in making and going along with it.

Disclosing a Diagnosis

If you are worried about disclosing your autism diagnosis to other people, this handy guide can help.

Employment – Advantages of Employing Autistic People

This guide is all about the benefits of hiring autistic people to work for your organisation.

Employment – Application Forms

This guide has all kinds of useful information on how to fill in job application forms.

Employment: Which Job is Right for You?

Find the right job for you can seem hard, but our guide has a range of useful hints and tips.

Employment: Preparing for Interview

Job interviews can be stressful. To help prepare for them, we have a simple guide with tips for autistic job applicants.

Executive Functioning Explained

Executive Functioning is a difficult subject to explain, but our guide looks at how it affects autistic people.

Executive Functioning Strategies

This guide has a range of useful tips on how to manage executive functioning when it isn’t working as planned.

Four Areas of Difference

The Four Areas of Difference – communication, understanding others, interests and info processing, and sensory processing are explained here.

Guide to Driving

This document on driving while autistic has tips on getting a licence, as well as driving tests.

Health Tips

This guide covers physical health and includes tips on how to communicate your needs, pain and accessing healthcare.

Reasonable Adjustments

Whether in work or if accessing services, our guide to reasonable adjustments has tips on how to request them.


If you are autistic and want to learn about looking after yourself, our self-care guide can help.

Strengths Autism can Bring

This guide is all about some of the positives of being autistic and what strengths it can bring.

Women and Autism

This guide is about the experience of being an autistic woman, written by an autistic woman.

Our Travel Guides

Printable Travel Plan

This printout can help you to plan everything for your holiday, from packing and travel to sights you would like to see.

UK Travel Guide

This document is all about travelling in the UK, covering planes, trains, coaches and taxis, including services in West Yorkshire.

Travel Guide: Part One

Part One of our Guide to Travel covers deciding where to go, budgeting, planning, booking and guided tours.

Travel Guide: Part Two

Part Two of our Guide to Travel covers health and safety, vaccinations, food and hygiene, roads and foreign languages.

Travel Guide: Part Three

Part Three of our Guide to Travel covers transport, packing, preparation and what to do when actually on holiday.