At Leeds Autism AIM, we receive plenty of feedback about our various services. Here is what just a few people had to say about us:

Mentoring: What mentees said

“It’s like I was drowning and someone has thrown me a life belt.”

“It has given me confidence to do what I wanted.”

“I know it won’t last forever, but it will help me get what I need in place.”

What parents and carers said

“…since it has been opened he has been provided with a mentor, been put in touch with a course to help him return to work, recommended a specialist to explore how autism impacts on employment and provided him with work experience which is both appropriate and empathetic. Above all, it has given him hope from a point of total despair” (Parent)

Lovell Autism Hub: What visitors said

“They’re mindful of what I can actually do as oppose to what I can’t do, which has been my experience of other autism services in the past.”

“It makes a lot of difference that you can come to this place where you’re not necessarily judged or looked down upon.”

“When you go into the mountains to… and you go to seek somebody with all the answers that you want, a bearded person… that is what Autism AIM is.”

“The advocates are highly skilled and professional, without whose help I would have completely floundered. The autism hubs have been vital in helping me become a little more stable and I would almost have ended up becoming quite ill mentally had each not been in existence.”

Had support for my benefits claim from the CAB and the hub staff. Don’t know how I would have coped without it.”