At Leeds Autism AIM, we have volunteering opportunities available. Whether it involves working with an autistic adult one-to-one, having a say on our work or being in our Steering Group, there are many ways to be involved. Read more about our different volunteering roles below.

Our volunteer roles

  • Autism Mentor: They are paired with an autistic adult. Mentors meet regularly with mentees to help set and achieve life goals, as well as signpost to any services or support the mentee needs. Find out more about the mentor’s role and how to become one here: Mentoring
  • Peer Support Volunteer: They are paired with an autistic adult, meeting regularly to help develop strategies for managing day-to-day, as well as with overcoming barriers, working on resilience and providing information.
  • Hub Supporter: Hub Supporters are there to help make sure our sessions at the Lovell Park Hub are running smoothly. They also help with welcoming visitors and ensuring they have what they need before and after an appointment.
  • Steering Group Member: We have a Steering Group of volunteers who help to steer the direction of Leeds Autism AIM. They meet once every two months and have a say in how our service is run.

Volunteering with The Advonet Group

We are part of The Advonet Group, an independent advocacy charity in Leeds. They have plenty of volunteering opportunities in different projects. They include:

  • Trustee
  • Leep1 Board Member
  • Learning Disability Citizen Advocate
  • Self-Advocacy Focus Group Member
  • Leep1 Activities Supporter
  • Cafe Leep Cafe Assistant

Detailed descriptions of each role can be found on the Volunteering Roles page of The Advonet Group’s website.

Get in touch

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please fill in The Advonet Group’s volunteer application form by clicking on the button below.

Once complete, please email the form to [email protected]. Then, we will be in touch with you and get everything sorted including training and an induction.

For any specific enquiries about volunteering with Leeds Autism AIM, please email Beth MacDonald, our Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected].