As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of changes are happening at a rapid pace. This, along with guidance from the government to stay at home, has made it difficult for some autistic people to plan a new routine.

To help make that easier, we have produced a free resource to help with that, called the Staying at Home Planner. It has two sides:

  • Challenges and Solutions: Two columns where you can list any challenges you face when staying at home and any ways you can overcome them
  • My Weekly Routine: A seven-day weekly planner where you can list tasks you want to do in the morning, afternoon and evening

We have produced a guidance copy, which has examples of what you can put in your planner. We also have a blank copy, ready for you to download. To download them, please click on the links below:

Staying at Home Planner: Guidance copy (Word document)

Staying at Home Planner: Blank copy (Word document)

If you have any questions about how the planner works, please email us at [email protected].