This is a monthly group run by and for autistic women and femme-aligned non-binary people. The group is there for sharing information, experiences and having themed discussions on topics chosen by group members.

On alternating months, there are different meeting formats. One month, we share news and information, then chat.

The other month sees the group run a themed discussion on a topic the group chooses. At the start of each group, we do a welcome and introductions for new members.

Who is the group for?

The group is for autistic women and femme-aligned non-binary people in Leeds aged 18 and over. To join, you either need to have an official autism diagnosis, be self-diagnosed or be going through the diagnostic process.

When and where does the group meet?

The group meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Zoom.

How to join the group

We have a mailing list where we will send on details for how to join each group. If you are interested in joining any group we run, please make a referral to us first at

We have put together a booklet for anyone new to our autistic-led groups. It says what they all do, what to expect, who facilitates them and has a few ground rules. To download a copy, please click here:

Leeds Autism AIM – Groups booklet