Yorkshire Autism AIM now has a new name and logo. From this month onwards, it will now be known as the Autism AIM – Mental Health Equity Project. The project’s new logo reflects its’ new name – please look at the image below to see it.

They will continue to do much of its’ current work, which includes:

  • Training social prescribers and advocates, as well as third sector mental health services
  • Conducting sensory audits of primary mental health services’ buildings
  • Running regular mental health-focused peer support groups

Influencing change

The project will also continue to influence meaningful changes to mental health services, working towards equity for autistic people accessing those services.

Its’ team has expanded too, with two new Peer Development Workers and a Mental Health Projects Coordinator recruited. This will help the project speed up with its’ overall goal of working towards achieving mental health equity for autistic adults.

The Coordinator will help make sure that sensory audits and training are on track, while the Peer Development Workers will help to deliver training, carry out sensory audits and co-facilitate the peer support groups.

Working across West Yorkshire

The project will start to run peer support groups in neighbouring Bradford – these will be up and running later this year. The groups for Leeds and Bradford are run in partnership with Leeds Mind and Bradford Mind.

Resources made for the groups will be added to a new page of this website. It will be published later this month, containing guides on topics including health, work, self-care and sleep management. The guides were made by the team and Leeds Mind.

If you have any questions about the Mental Health Equity Project, please contact Owen Walker, Autism AIM Lead Manager by email at [email protected] or Georgia Holden-Burnett, Mental Health Equity Project Deputy Manager at [email protected].