To mark World Mental Health Day 2023 (Tuesday 10th October), the Yorkshire Autism AIM team are sharing some of the recent resources they have made. They cover areas including anxiety, burnout, recovery, routine and sleep.

The guides they have produced are

  • A guide to anxiety management
  • Suggestions to cope with routine change
  • A document on coping strategies for autistic burnout
  • A document about autistic burnout and recovery

All of the above were made by and for autistic adults and were shared with Yorkshire Autism AIM’s Mental Health Peer Support Groups. To download copies for free, please click on the buttons below.

Mental Health Guide and Sleep Hygiene Infographic

As well as the above guides, Yorkshire Autism AIM have also produced an infographic on sleep hygiene. This was made on the back of one of their recent Mental Health Peer Support Groups, where they discussed the topic in full. A blog post with a link to the infographic can be read here: Sleep Hygiene Infographic.

Leeds Autism AIM and Yorkshire Autism AIM have also produced a guide to mental health services for autistic adults in Leeds. It includes information on crisis services in the city, online and in-person support and a guide to accessing GP funding for autism-specific counselling. To download a copy of that, please click on the button below.