For their in-person and online mental health peer support groups in September, the Yorkshire Autism AIM team discussed the topic of sleep hygiene and mental health. Sleep is something that some autistic people struggle with and in the groups, participants shared their thoughts.

Sleep hygiene refers to healthy habits, tools and environmental factors that can be changed to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. If some needs are not met, it could result in disrupted sleep. To help with this, Yorkshire Autism AIM have produced an infographic with a series of tips.

Tips for sleep hygiene

The infographic has tips on:

  • Sensory sleep tools e.g. weighted blankets
  • Tailored lighting, such as using blackout curtains
  • Mental wellbeing and support
  • Sleep apps and technology
  • Routine and activities

To download the infographic in either Jpeg or PDF format, please click on the buttons below:

We also have a guide to autism and sleep. This is part of our series of Strategy Guides – click on this link to download a copy: Barriers to Sleep and Solutions.