The Autism Reference Group, a forum for autistic adults in Leeds to feed into the Leeds Adult Autism Partnership Board, are meeting next week to talk about employment. At the group, participants will be asked about employment for autistic adults in the Leeds area, including:

  • What works well?
  • What doesn’t work well?
  • How do you think this can improve in Leeds?

Any feedback given in the group will be passed on to the Autism Partnership Board at their next meeting in June. At the end of the Reference Group meeting, people can put themselves forward to represent the Reference Group at the Partnership Board meeting.

When is the meeting?

The Reference Group will meet on Tuesday 30th May from 4pm-5:30pm. They will meet online on Microsoft Teams.

To join the group, you must be an autistic adult (aged 18 and over) and live in the Leeds City Council. If you would like to come along, please email Philip Chan, Leeds City Council’s Neurodiversity Commissioning Programme Leader, at [email protected] or call him on 0113 336 7700.

Please also contact him if you have any thoughts to share around autism and employment but cannot come to the Reference Group meeting.