April’s Coproduction Group will look at some of the communications we send to the wider world about what we do. This includes our monthly online newsletter, blog posts and social media content.

On the first Tuesday of every month, we send a newsletter via Mailchimp to hundreds of autistic adults. We also produce regular content for the news page of our website, as well as social media posts.

For this, we would really appreciate any feedback on our external communications from you. Any feedback given will help to improve our work and make sure it reaches who we are there to support.

When is the group meeting?

The Coproduction Group meet on Thursday 27th April from 5:30pm-7pm. As usual, the group will meet on Zoom and is for autistic adults (aged 18 and over) living in the Leeds area.

If you want to give feedback but are unable to attend the group, feel free to email any thoughts you have about our communications to [email protected]. We will use all feedback given to make improvements to our communications going forward.