This month’s Coproduction Group will look at our online community on the Discord App. If you are on our Discord server, we would like your thoughts on what works, what could be better and if there are any new things you would like to see on there.

We are planning on creating new volunteer roles, which involve looking after individual chat channels on Discord and supporting people to use them. Beth, our Volunteer Coordinator, will be in the group to take your feedback.

When is the group?

The Coproduction Group meets on Thursday 22nd September from 5:30pm to 7pm on Zoom. It is free to attend. To take part, you must be an autistic adult (aged 18+) and live in the Leeds area.

If you would like to join, please email us at [email protected]. Then, we will send you the Zoom details the day before the group meets. If you are unable to make it but want to give feedback in any other way, feel free to email us.

Your input will be used to help finalise the volunteer role description and to make changes for the better to our Discord server.