After speaking to neurodivergent staff and people that Leeds Autism AIM work with, we have put together a brand new guide. It is a booklet that explains how to make information accessible to neurodivergent people in a number of ways. This free document covers accessibility for:

  • Autistic people
  • People with dyslexia
  • People with dyspraxia
  • People with dyscalculia
  • People with ADHD

It also has examples of good and bad practice for making resources or info accessible. The guide has a number of links to making accessible info, as well as general tips you can use.

Download your free copy

To download a free Word copy of our guide, please click on the link below:

How to Make Information Accessible for Neurodivergent People (Word)

If you have any comments or suggestions for what we can include or exclude, please email us at [email protected].

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback whilst this document was in production. Neurodivergent staff from many different teams within The Advonet Group and people we work with gave suggestions that have been included here.