Next month, Leeds Autism AIM will be running an online peer support and check-in session, led by and run for autistic adults in the Leeds area with little or no funded support. The Leeds Autistic Get-Together will be held on the Zoom app and is free to join.

It will be led by autistic members of our staff team and steering group. The group is for offering peer support to each other and checking in to see how we are all coping during lockdown. The past few months have been a difficult time for some autistic people. This is why we are running the group.

How to join in

To join the chat, you must be:

  • An autistic adult (aged 18 and over)
  • Live in the Leeds City Council area
  • Receive little or no funded support

If you would like to join the chat, please email us at [email protected]. Then, we will send on details of how to join in the chat closer to the date.

Ground rules and Zoom instructions

To make sure the chat is enjoyable and safe, we have put together a few simple ground rules. To read them, please click on the link below to download a copy.

Ground Rules – Zoom

We have also put together some simple instructions for how to use the different features in Zoom. They include being able to turn video and audio on and off, using the text chat feature and raising your hand when you want to speak. You can download them by clicking below:

Zoom Features – How to Use Them

You can join in the Zoom chat using your phone, web browser or the Zoom app on smartphone, tablets or desktop. People in Action have put together a video guide for using Zoom here: