Our next installment in the #AutisticLifeHacks series for #WeEatWell19 takes a trip the supermarket. It’s about choosing the right time to go shopping when needing to get no more than a few items.

On those occasions when you’ve run out of staples like bread and milk or have a meal in mind you want to cook, a quick trip to the supermarket is needed. However, going for a small shop when it’s really busy doesn’t make sense.

To work round this, our Information Officer Luke Aylward has a tip that will avoid overload and make sure your trip is done in a flash.

“I sometimes get overwhelmed when in a supermarket that’s too busy. To try and work around that, if there is a time when I need no more than a few items, I figure out when the nearest supermarket is at its quietest.

“Usually, supermarkets are quiet on weekday evenings after 7pm. By that time, most people are home from work and would be settling down. Going at this time means fewer people to deal with and more space and time to find what you need.

“When I do this, I usually have an hour or so to rest after getting home from work. This means I’m less overloaded for when I go to get what I need.”

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