Someone writing notes on a piece of paper

There are few things quite as frustrating as not being able to read your own handwriting. Not being able to make out what you’ve taken note of in a meeting or at a conference could undo all of your hard work.

The latest of our #AutisticLifeHacks is about how to keep your handwriting neat, simply by changing the type of pen you use. This one comes from Pesha Thornton, our Coordinator. Here is her tip on how to turn illegible scrawl into something far easier to read:

“I have hypo-proprioception, so when I write, I press the pen too hard on the paper. The result of which is big, messy handwriting that nobody can read.

“I recently discovered fine-tipped drawing pens; the tips are super skinny so if I press hard, they end up breaking.

“Using these pens, I’ve trained myself not press hard and to write much slower. My handwriting is now small and incredibly neat and everyone compliments me on my “lovely handwriting!””

#AutisticLifeHack by Pesha Thornton – Tuesday 28th August 2018