Pepper on a chopping board

In the first of our new series, #AutisticLifeHacks, our Peer Development Worker Gill Loomes posted her hack on grocery shopping and meal planning. Here is what she wrote for it:

Strategy for meal planning and grocery lists

Find an app for meal planning (or use your calendar – but I like Food Planner –

Plan your first week – breakfast, lunch, dinner for each day. Then, make a shopping list from this plan (this is the most intensive part of the strategy). I suggest you do it when you have plenty of energy and concentration, and maybe have support on hand.

After this – each day of the week, plan your meals for the following week, focusing on JUST THAT DAY, and build your shopping list from the plan. You can refer to previous weeks for ideas as you’ll have a record in the app.

You can develop the strategy, e.g. by keeping a separate list of specific types of meal, or ‘staple’ things to always have in your cupboards, or by ‘batch cooking’ and stocking up your freezer for subsequent weeks.

#AutisticLifeHack by Gill Loomes – Tuesday 10th July 2018