Table at Lovell Autism Hub

Our monthly Women’s Group will be meeting once again in August, discussing a topic that often rears its head amongst autistic people: Communication. At next month’s group, the discussion will be about how communication affects autistic women, including how we manage social chit chat and how managing social anxieties and sensory issues can affect how well we communicate, amongst other things.

We have a wide range of women who come along. The group can have one or two people up to around six or seven. We usually start off with a topic suggested by the group, so that we have some structure to begin with. Previous topics have included employment, relationships, prioritising and time management.

It is a confidential, safely-held and facilitated space with nobody being under any pressure to contribute, it is fine to come along and just listen.

The venue

The August group will once again be at the Lovell Autism Hub. It takes place on Tuesday 15th August from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and is free to enter. The group is for autistic women who live in the Leeds area and will be led entirely by autistic women.

For more information on the group, please contact us.