We run a monthly group playing games on Board Game Arena streamed on a voice channel in our online Peer Support Hub on Discord.

Using the Gaming Group voice chat in Discord, we invite people who want to play to take part. The group chooses a game to play and we go through it before starting. If you want to play any of the games, you need to set up a Board Game Arena account. You can do this for free, but it’s best to set one up on their website at boardgamearena.com.

If joining the group, you can just use text to chat. You don’t have to play and can even just spectate. For that, you don’t need to set up a Board Game Arena account. If you like, we can play a different game using another app or website.

Who is the group for?

This group is for autistic adults aged 18 and over who live in Leeds.

When and where does the group meet?

From April 2023 onwards, the group meets on Discord on the second Thursday of every month from 6pm-7pm.

How to join the group

To access the group and our Online Peer Support Hub on Discord, you need to set up a free account at discord.com if you haven’t got one already.

Then, you either need to ask for an invite from our team or join our groups mailing list if making a referral to AIM at tinyurl.com/leedsautismaimreferral. In the mailing list, we send an invite the day before each monthly Gaming Group session.