Leeds Autism AIM have set up a couple of groups on our Facebook page. One is for group peer support and the other is for our Cafe Autistique discussion group. Both will be led by autistic members of Leeds Autism AIM’s staff team.

The Peer Support group is around autistic people sharing their experiences and knowledge with one another. During the COVID-19 crisis, this is something we are really keen to offer online.

Cafe Autistique on Facebook will follow the same format as the group we would normally run at the Lovell Autism Hub. It will focus on one topic per week and how we as autistic people experience it.

Who are the groups for?

The groups are open to autistic adults who live in the Leeds City Council area. You can join regardless of whether or not you have used any service provided by AIM before. To join, please click on this link: Leeds Autism AIM Facebook Groups.

Before you join, we will ask you a few questions before your membership is subject to approval. This is to make sure that the groups are safe and that members are autistic adults living in the Leeds area.