Picture of a train in motion

Our next post for #XmasAutisticLifeHacks is about getting around at Christmas. If you rely on public transport for travel, you may know that the timetables for bus and train services change regularly during this time of year, depending on the date.

This can be a little difficult to keep track of, but the Leeds Autism AIM team have a life hack that will make sure you know when the next service will arrive. Here is what they have suggested:

“Sometimes, it can be hard to know when bus and train services run during Christmas. As a way of working round that, there are a few things you can do.

“Remember that buses don’t usually run on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, and trains don’t run on Christmas Day. Look to apps like the First Bus App or Moovit for live bus times.

“This will reduce uncertainty when waiting ages for a service that might not turn up!”

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