To help you get an idea of what services such as public transport, shops, bin collection and more are doing during the Christmas and New Year period, we have created a handy information booklet. Inside, we have information on:

  • When Leeds Autism AIM’s hubs are open
  • When the Advonet office is open
  • What support is available at Christmas if you’re isolated, have nowhere to go on Christmas Day or are struggling to get enough food to eat
  • When the buses and trains are running
  • When the shops, supermarkets and banks are open
  • What numbers to call if you need to talk to someone
  • What days the post will be delivered
  • When the bin collections are happening

There is also a selection of some of our #XmasAutisticLifeHacks too. Please note that most of the information is specific to the Leeds area.

Download a copy

If you would like to download our booklet, all you need to do is click on the link below to open up a PDF:

Christmas 2019: Information Booklet

We also have print copies available at the Lovell Autism Hub on Tuesday 10th December and Tuesday 17th December.