The second of our #XmasAutisticLifeHacks is from Luke Aylward, our Information Officer. Luke has a handy tip for not mixing up your dates during a time of year when routine doesn’t have much place.

“I sometimes find it hard to tell which day is which during Christmas. To combat that, I do myself a little two-three week calendar detailing the day and date.

“I use software like Word or Excel and give names to each date e.g. Christmas Day for Tuesday 25th December. This means that I am ready for when the calendar goes back to normal on Wednesday 2nd January.”

To help with that, we’ve done a two-week Christmas/New Year planner, which you can download by clicking on the link below:

Xmas 2018 Planner

#XmasAutisticLifeHack by Luke Aylward | 27.11.2018