At the last of our weekly drop-in sessions this year, we have something to say thanks to all of our volunteers, as well as a couple of our usual groups. Here’s what we have on at the Lovell Autism Hub next week:

Lovell Autism Hub – Tuesday 19th December – 3:30pm-7pm

We’re able to provide personalised resources throughout the session. These include our autism alert cards, GP profiles and hospital passports.

We will be having an informal get-together for all of our volunteers – helpers at the hubs, steering group members and our mentors. This is from 5:30pm and will provide free Christmas party food as a way of saying thanks for all of your support.

Our monthly Women’s Group is on from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. This time, they will be returning to the topic of autism and gender differences. The group is open to autistic women throughout the Leeds City Council area.

Ian from the Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau is in for the whole session. He will be around to give useful information on topics including benefits like PIP, personal finance and any other tricky issues.

As is always the case, our staff will be around to offer advocacy support, give information and help to signpost you to any service you want to access.