Lovell Autism Hub

At next week’s autism hubs, we have quite a bit on offer, particularly around employment. Here’s what’s happening at our Tuesday drop-in and quieter fortnightly Friday session:

Lovell Autism Hub – Tuesday 4th July – 3:30pm-7pm

First up at the Lovell Autism Hub, Aspiedent will be running their fortnightly employability drop-in from 4pm to 6pm. It’s for any autistic adults in Leeds who need advice and pointers on finding the right job.

The informal cooking session is back on from 4pm. Anyone can join in and at the end, whatever is being made will be sold for a reasonable price as an evening meal.

Ian from the Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau will be in for the entire session. He can advise on areas such as housing, personal finance and benefits such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

As always, our staff and volunteers will be able to offer advocacy and peer support, as well as provide information and signposting to any relevant services you might need.

Friday Autism Hub – Friday 7th July – 4pm-7pm

At our fortnightly Friday hub session, here’s what we have going on:

  • Employment advice from 4pm to 7pm – it’s for anyone who needs advice on finding a job, keeping a job or going into volunteering
  • Ian from the Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau is in from 4pm to 7pm too. As is the case at our Tuesday drop-in, he can advise on issues such as benefits, housing and personal finance
  • Advocacy and peer support from our staff

To come along to the Friday session, you need to book an appointment. You can do this by contacting us by phone or email.