Spring has arrived and there is quite a bit going on at both of our drop-in services. Here is what you can expect to see at the Lovell Park and Vale Circles autism hubs:

Lovell Autism Hub – Tuesday 7th March – 1.30pm-7.30pm

Aspiedent will be delivering the first session of their new social skills training course. It takes place from 4pm to 6pm. There may be one place left; visit their Twitter account for details.

Cooking will be on from 3pm and is there for anyone who wants to join in. At the end, we’ll be selling what we’ve made for a price to be determined on the day.

Our tabletop gaming group is back. That will be on from 4pm to 6.30pm and, as with our cooking, it is open to anyone who wants to join in.

Ian from the Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau will be in throughout the session to offer advice on areas including benefits, personal finance, housing and employment.

Vale Autism Hub – Thursday 9th March – 2pm-7pm

The Vale Autism Hub welcomes the Leeds Autism Diagnostic Service (LADS) team. They will be doing a consultation session between 3pm and 5pm; email us if you want to book an appointment.

Next up, Carers Leeds will run their monthly drop-in session for parents/carers of autistic adults in Leeds South and East. That’s on from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Finally, we have our fortnightly young people’s group on. That starts at 4.30pm and concludes at 6.30pm. There are games to play throughout the two-hour session.

As at Lovell, Ian from the Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau is in throughout the session. From 2pm to 6pm, he’ll be able to answer questions and offer advice on subjects like benefits, money, housing and employment.